Byron Equities Inc. is a Canadian real estate investment company situated in Toronto, Ontario. The assets currently owned and under management of Byron are valued at over 225 million dollars.

Formed to acquire and grow a portfolio of cash flowing assets, Byron has been sourcing opportunities and realizing value through the purchase of existing properties, the development of new properties, and by unlocking upside opportunities.

Byron owns a portfolio of retirement residences, managed by its subsidiary Greenwood Retirement Communities. The portfolio includes retirement residences in southern Ontario, which are closely situated to head office to allow "hands-on" management of our investments. We believe that attentive and detailed property management is the key to investment success in real estate.

Byron's real estate portfolio also includes commercial and industrial properties, owned and managed internally to maximize control of revenue and expenses.

In 2013, Byron branched into the construction industry through its subsidiary, Koler Construction Inc. This allows Byron to reduce the cost of construction projects and expansions of its portfolio of assets, as well as to diversify investments.

Byron has also branched out into Renewable Energy, through the establishment of Byron Renewables Limited, a UK company. Byron plans to become a substantial player in the UK on-shore wind energy market, and reach a portfolio of projects in access of 100 MW.

Byron's management team brings together experience from a range of industries, and provides Byron with its unique business perspective.

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